Keeping My System up to Date

I'm an user of Arch Linux so updating my system is like my second nature but besides my system packages there are a lot of other stuff that I want to keep updated. For that I've found a useful application. The application is called topgrade and…

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Keeping Track of Habits

Today I wanna quickly talk about a little app that I use for tracking my repeated tasks / habits I want to do. The app is called Loop Habit Tracker and is available for Android on F-Droid . It allows you to set tasks / habits and make them repeat…

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Arch User Repository

The operating system I'm using is Arch Linux and besides it already amazing package repository there is the Arch User Repository where the community can distribute self-made package files for nearly everything. The Arch User Repository or AUR for…

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F-Droid: App Store for Open Source Software

Another short post about something Android related. I want to introduce you to an alternative app store. The store I'm talking about is F-Droid . It's an open app store which contains exclusively Free and Open Source software for Android. That way…

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Android OTP Authenticator

I haven't got a lot of time today for posting so I just want to show which OTP Authenticator I use on Android. The authenticator that I use is called andOTP and is available on the F-Droid store. It is easy to use and has all the features you'd…

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