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100 Days to OffloadAndroid

The operating system I'm using is Arch Linux and besides it already amazing package repository there is the Arch User Repository where the community can distribute self-made package files for nearly everything.

The Arch User Repository or AUR for short is a package repository for Arch Linux where which contains user submitted PKGBUILDs. A PKGBUILD is the "recipe" to build a package for use in Arch Linux. If packages are enough upvotes in the AUR there is a possibility that a Trusted User will adopt it and it will find a way into the official repositories.

I love the AUR. There's basically no application that I haven't found either in the offical repositories or in the AUR. Using an AUR helper like yay makes the AUR simply to use and it's basically not different from the main repositories.

I've also uploaded some PKGBUILDs to the AUR which I'm still maintaining.

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