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Library-Wide Shuffle for MPD

I've been using MPD and the ncmpcpp client for playing my music. The only thing that I've been missing from other software is a library-wide shuffle. I've found a simple solution to that problem using an application called ashuffle . It creates…

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Keeping My System up to Date

I'm an user of Arch Linux so updating my system is like my second nature but besides my system packages there are a lot of other stuff that I want to keep updated. For that I've found a useful application. The application is called topgrade and…

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Linux Setup

I've been using Linux for years and during that time I created a very custom Linux setup that is tailored exactly to my needs. When I began using Linux I started with Ubuntu like many others and over the years I tried out a lot of different…

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My Note-Taking Workflow

In this post I want to talk about my note-taking workflow which I use for all my notes in University. When I started my university I went on the search for a suitable note-taking method. In the first semester I used pure LaTeX to write my notes…

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