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I've been using Linux for years and during that time I created a very custom Linux setup that is tailored exactly to my needs.

When I began using Linux I started with Ubuntu like many others and over the years I tried out a lot of different distributions until I found out about Arch Linux. What I like the most about Arch Linux is the rolling release structure that it uses. I can get the newest updates for software just a few days after they are released, instead of waiting years like in other distributions. I also like that the default installation of Arch Linux is very barebones and that I can build it my way from the beginning.

Over the years I amassed a big pile of configuration files and scripts that I need for my system. To have an easy way to get a new system running I created a repository for my dotfiles and included an install script with takes care of the entire installation process for a new system.

Linux Setup
Linux setup

Now to the individual software I use. As my window manager of choice I use i3. This is a so called tiling-window manager which places all windows in a tiling fashion. This way I always have nicely sized windows and can easily navigate between them and my workspaces.

For my status bars at the top and bottom of my screen I use Polybar. There I display basically everything from my i3 workspaces, current time and date, battery status, brightness and volume levels, connection information and more. It is highly customizable and you can make it look just like you want.

Finally as a terminal emulator I use Alacritty as it's lightweight and fast to use. As a shell I mainly use zsh and I customized it with a custom prompt to display the most important information in a nice way.

Shell Prompt
Shell Prompt

Of course I also use tons of other applications that I could mention but the ones mentioned above are my most important. If you'd like to know more about my setup you can check out my aforementioned dotfiles repository.

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