My Note-Taking Workflow


In this post I want to talk about my note-taking workflow which I use for all my notes in University.

When I started my university I went on the search for a suitable note-taking method. In the first semester I used pure LaTeX to write my notes. This produced nice looking notes but it was very verbose to write and it took more time to create the notes than it should have.

In my second semester I then started using pandoc to write my notes in Markdown. Using pandoc allows me to use simple Markdown to create my notes but it also allows me to use advanced LaTeX features like equations in my notes.

I created multiple pandoc templates for documents, presentations, letters, and for my CV. I then use a custom made script to convert my Markdown files to a PDF using pandoc. The templates and my build script can be found in this repository.

Note-Taking Workflow
Note-Taking Workflow

During note-taking I use a simple bash script to watch my file for changes, which then triggers my build script again and my PDF viewer Zathura reloads the PDF when it changes.

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