Welcome to my Blog


Welcome to my website. This is the first post of my new blog and I want to talk a little about which technologies I used to build this site.

I'm using GatsbyJS to build this site. Gatsby is a framework based on React that can create static web apps which can utilize modern web technologies like Progressive Web Apps and resource prefetching.

When the user doesn't have JavaScript enabled the site works a like a normal static site. When the user allows JavaScript it uses the features of React to allow a smooth user experience.

The pages of the website are simple React components, so you can write your entire site using JSX if you prefer so. For more complex uses one can use the plugin capability of Gatsby. There are a lot of plugins available that help with different problems. For example I use plugins for generating a sitemap, a RSS feed, to include my Google Analytics code and for transforming Markdown files to HTML. The latter is used mainly for the blog posts, which are all written using Markdown.

In the past I tried multiple static site generators but GatsbyJS is the first that I felt at home with, because I have a lot of control over the structure and organization of the site and I'm not limited by the tool.

The source code of my website is open source and you can find it in its GitLab Repository.

export const _frontmatter = {"path":"/blog/welcome-to-my-blog","date":"2019-04-09T19:28:00+01:00","title":"Welcome to my Blog","categories":["General"]}

Feedback or Questions?

I don't have a direct way to leave comments on posts. But if you want to give some feedback or have some questions you can contact in other ways.

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