Advent of Code 2019 - Day 5

The task today was to extend the interpreter written on day 2 with new opcodes. Implementing the new opcodes was not difficult but handling the different modes for the parameter and overall design was a bit of work. Overall this was very interesting…

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Advent of Code 2019 - Day 4

Another day done, just 20 more left. Today's challenge was this time easier than yesterday's. I just wasted a lot of time because I'm bad at math and my get_digits truncated one of the digits at first. Otherwise it was easy todo. Code Benchmarks

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Advent of Code 2019 - Day 3

Today's challenge was a bit more challenging and it did take some time for me. We needed to find the intersections point of two wires and then return the point which was the closest to the start. The second part was then to find the intersection…

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Advent of Code 2019 - Day 2

Today's challenge was already much more difficult than yesterday's but it was still easy enough. The challenge was to implement an interpreter for a machine code called Intcode. You were given a program in form of opcodes and needed to execute it. It…

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Advent of Code 2019 - Day 1

Advent of Code has started again and I'm attempting to solve the challenges using the Rust programming language and I thought I can also post about it. My solutions can be found in this repository , along with tests and benchmarks. I'm going to try…

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